A Rich & Chequered Past


engineer, spelunker, lifeguard, cryptographer, foster parent, Vietnam era non-commissioned
officer, Vietnam era antiwar activist, White House worker, product planner,
grandparent, history buff, art buff, book collector, artist, junk collector,
good driver, non-driver, coppersmith, ombudsman, high-performance driver,
black/white/Jewish/Quaker/left/right/progressive/liberal -human, show car
builder, ice racer, director of strategy, small-town boy, big-city boy, potter,
singer. dancer, actor, project manager, fence builder, sailing instructor, snow
remover, lawn mower, door to door sales of – greeting cards, seeds, alarms
and cameras, sail plane pilot, clown, new China Hand, paper wood cutter, choker
setter, id badge collector, trout fisherman, boy scout, draftsman, care giver,
stamp collector, trash collector, landscaper, telephone sales, delivery driver,
computer operator, mail house manager, fork lift driver, warehouseman


 steward, consultant, manager, trustee, board
member, vice president, partner, owner, team leader, director, supervisor,
analyst, facilitator, team leader, rain maker, follower, concierge, chairman,
operator, friend, husband, father


USSR, China, Syria, Ireland, Mexico, Guam, Spain, Italy, Japan, Belgium, France,
England, India, Guyana, Brazil, Mexico Canada, United Arab Emirates, Holland,
Germany, Ukraine, Israel, Ecuador, Jamaica, Curacao, British Virgin Islands,
Haiti, Finland, Jamaica, Austria

Ashland, Portland, San Antonio, Wise River, Seattle, Los Angeles, Baldwin,
Huntingdon, Annandale, Silver Spring

Yale, Reed, Penn State, Stanford, JFK, Pittsburg Tech