SI Open

Simple Idea has opened our doors to friends and acquaintances on a regular basis for as long as we have been together. Over the decades these ‘open houses’ have had different names, venues, and flavors. We are launching them again as “SI Open.” Here is how we shared the current format with our friends and acquaintances:


In contrast to the deluge of social media forms like Skype, Google Hangout, blogs and podcasts that can fill our days, there remains the power of people getting together to talk about things that matter.


We regularly host salons –informal gatherings to share conversation about ideas. Things you care about. Big ideas. Fragile ideas. Contrarian ideas. These may arise in the context of your work, your life, or the world. It is through the sharing of our ideas that we discover the ways in which we are connected, even when we see the world from different vantage points. And it is in such conversation that we can be changed. You are invited to listen, consider, and comment.


Simple Idea will open our doors to a diverse group of acquaintances about once a month. If you would like to meet and converse with a group of curious and interesting people, join us at an SI Open in the coming months.


The folks of Simple Idea have been working within organizations to change the quality of the workplace experience of employees for decades. We know the special quality of relationships that can emerge from face-to-face communication.


If this sounds appealing, contact us here and let us know of your interest. We will send you an invitation to SI Open. There is no obligation and your email will not be used for any other purpose. We look forward to meeting you in a space filled with the generosity of others as willing to listen as they are to share their thoughts.